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About Stoke & Gold

Stoke and Gold is a project management and corporate advisory firm that operates across both the public and private sector – and where the two intersect. With a network spanning six continents, 15 countries (and growing), and 14 sectors, we pride ourselves in being able to connect our clients with the resources that offers the most effective solution. Whether that’s: funding solutions, inward investment leads, fulfilment agents, procurement opportunities, supply-chains solutions, or project structuring through both our established network and refined sourcing process. We’ve established a firm that is perfectly positioned for providing the right resources.

Our Senior Team

One of the founding members of Stoke and Gold, Jordan’s professional background is in the retail and commercial supplies sectors. His insight into large scale procurement project management has made him an indispensible asset to our clients, especially in the areas of profit scaling and cost reduction.

As the head of our project management team, Jordan has ensured that every member of our network is up to speed with important and relevant project information. He has managed communication flows between partners and clients based in the US, UK, Denmark, Romania, Australia, France, China, and Brazil.

Drawing upon his corporate communications experience, Jordan has been able to maximise the reach of our clients wishing to expand into foreign markets by applying data driven research methods to devise accurate strategy. His current project has seen a British multi-million pound retail business expand into the American market.

Prior to founding Stoke and Gold, Jordan founded a commercial cleaning supplies company, which grew into a major regional player in a matter of years. The practical operational and strategic experience gained through this has allowed him to offer our clients relevant and proactive project management and supply chain advice.