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This policy directly covers data collected by Stoke and Gold Limited, henceforth the “Company” at this website. Third parties may also collect data from this website; those parties are not directly covered by this policy unless they are acting as a service provider to the Company. This policy does not specifically cover the activities of third parties where such parties are not acting as a service provider to the Company.


This website collects user generated data from two primary sources: (i) Passive Web Traffic Data (ii) Data Submitted by User.


 The process of viewing pages on this site represents a two-way interface between a user’s web browser and this website’s server. When pages are requested your browser will send certain standard information, which is used by our servers to respond to your request. Much of this information is logged as part of the standard web serving practice and may be used to analyse the website’s use, optimise the functionality and debug potential problems. Passive information typically logged by this site includes: (i) IP address, (ii) URL of page requested, (iii) Referring URL of page linking to requested page (iv) Time of page request, (v) Information about requesting computer including operating system and browser version (vi) Success status of page request (vii) Language preference of requested browser, (viii) Cookies (more detail in below section). Passive Web Traffic Data collected by the Company is not used specifically identify individuals and is not shared with third parties. This data will be retained as needed to maintain site functionality or for a maximum of one (1) year.


This site contains various forms and pages, which may or may not ask users to submit information including personally identifiable information. Examples of these pages include, but are not limited to: contact pages, and careers pages.

Personally Identifiable Information collected through these pages will be used solely for the purpose for which it was offered. Information submitted as part of the career seeking process will be retained and shared only with parties within Stoke and Gold,  or outsourced agents working on our behalf as part of the recruitment process.

Personal Information submitted at this site will be processed in the Country of England of the United Kingdom and any submission of personal information on this site represents your consent for such data to be stored and processed in the aforementioned geographical location.


This site may contain contents provided by third parties. Inclusion of third party content allows these third parties to collect Passive Web Traffic Data including their own cookies. If you have a previous relationship with a third party appearing on this site, for example, with a social media provider; that relationship, including such party’s ability to identify you, may continue on this site. These parties’ data practices are governed by the privacy policy agreed to between you and such parties and is not directly covered by this policy.


At all times data collected on this site will be protected by security measures appropriate with the level of sensitivity of the underlying data. For the purpose of clarity, Personally Identifiable User Submitted Data is subject to higher security requirements than Passive Web Traffic Data.


We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions from this privacy policy at any time. You are encouraged to review this privacy policy from time to time, to ensure that you are fully briefed on any changes that may or may not have been instituted.


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