What we Do

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Bid Management Services

Whether you have a team in place or are looking to outsource your entire bid management process, we’ll be that second pair of eyes to make sure your bids have the highest probability for success. We’ll ensure the entire process is taken care of:

  • Correct Tender Positioning

  • Tender Sourcing

  • PPQ & ITT Writing

  • Project Plan Advisory & Bid Writing

  • Submission Management

Our bid management team will ensure a smooth and time-efficient execution, according to your given tender sourcing and management needs.

Procurement Consultancy

For individual bid related tasks, or if you just want an experienced third party to: review your bid, source tender opportunities, or advise on positioning matters, we offer a highly focused consultancy service, to cater for all stages of the procurement process:

  • Positioning

  • Corporate Cleansing

  • Bid Reviewing

  • Interview Guidance

  • Sub-threshold Advice

  • Opportunity Sourcing

With experience on both the buy and sell side of the tender process, and a highly focused knowledge base in the FM market segment, we’re able to ensure quick turn around time. Meaning a reduced opportunity cost for you.

Grants & Subsidies

With experience working on the review side of both RGF (Regional Growth Fund) and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) grants, our team know exactly what public sector bodies/grant organisations look for in a grant proposal; aiding in:

  • Grant Sourcing

  • Grant Analysis

  • Proposal Writing

  • Proposal Reviewing

  • Positioning and GVA Consultancy

Whether you are looking to fulfil a specific funding objective or looking to supplement other capital arrangements, our professional team can help you navigate the tiresome world of government red tape and public sector objective identification.

Intermediary Service

Buyer or seller, public sector or private sector, all economic operators need third parties to either: provide a desired product/service, or ensure off-taking. Our supplier and buyer networks stretch across: the U.K, U.S, Canada, the E.U, and covers the following sectors:

  • Construction and Property Development

  • Energy and Renewables

  • Facility and Property Management

  • Finance and Fund Raising (subject to terms and conditions)

We provide ourselves in not only being able to put the right parties in the same room together (where requested), but being able to deliver the desired results for all parties involved.