Intermediary Service

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Intermediary Service

What is It?

The modern economy is not centred around the isolated production and delivery of goods and services – but rather, the development of an effective supply-chain stocked with efficiently operating and effectively delivering strategic partner(s).

Whatever you are looking for in a corporate partner: product, service, or finance, we thoroughly break-down what that corporate partner looks like and proceed to enact the relationship on your behalf – or, according to the terms set by you.

Business Development teams within all organisations, whether they be public or private sector, tend to be myopic to what makes the perfect partner (for whatever end). Bringing in an intermediary can help offer new perspectives, and tap into wider networks.

Our current network stretches across the U.K, U.S, Canada, E.U, West Africa, and parts of Asia, and includes sectors such as: Construction, Property Development, Finance (subject to terms and conditions), Energy, Renewables, Industrials, Property Management, and Facility Management.

How We Do It?

To ensure the desired results, we follow 6 steps:

1. Define: what is it you are looking for in a corporate partner, what is the goal, and are there any specific qualifications or considerations this partner must have?

2. Find: with profile broken-down, we identify the location of this partner (or create a short list of potential partners) – where is it they (the lead type) congregates? We look into: our own network, and the networks of our member network.

3. Refine: pursuant to Step 1, we refine your want or need to best to appeal the most qualified prospective partners and create the right proposal or pitch that would have the desired effect.

4. Approach: with your material dialled-in, we initiate contact and foster a sense of common interest – it’s this which ensures a mutually beneficial economic relationship can exist.

5. Re-group: taking onboard the feedback of the prospects, we further purify our short-list and come back to you with progress to help make a firm decision.

6. Deliver: we initiate that final step: putting the parties together or brokering the relationship on your behalf.

When to Start?

Projects can take anywhere from a few days to decades to be completed – the partner sourcing and formation process needn’t, and shouldn’t, take this long.

As soon as a rough scope has been defined by your in-house team, it is recommended that you reach out to us so our people can be part of the solution, and get action in place to ensure the quickest delivery possible.

Who Will Help?

Our business development team is comprised of seasoned professional whose knowledge stretches across: government, the industrial sector, international trade, finance, and much more.

We’ll make sure the specifics of your partner sourcing and intermediation are executed by the staff with the correct skills and competencies.

Our focus initially, will be to thoroughly define your needs and build the perfect business development team, befitted to these needs. This team can be fully external to you, or a mix of your and our people.

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