Grants & Subsidies

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Grants & Subsidies

What is It?

An overlooked funding alternative to traditional debt and equity raises is public sector grants and subsidies. Whatever your funding needs, there is a high probability that there is a government or extra-governmental grant available.

Grants and subsidies (or any form of public sector funding) is not free money – there will be caveats. However, with our expert guidance and experience, we will be able to guide you through what makes a good proposal and save you time by sourcing the correct grant and funding schemes.

Whether the purpose is for capital purchases, cash flow, work-force, start-up/seed, or R&D, we’ll be able to find the right scheme or put you in touch with the correct party.

When to Start?

Grants, subsidies, and public sector funding specifications fit a multitude of different purposes and appeal to every organisational size.

Ideally, the best time to get in touch is either: when you’ve made the decision to pursue funding from the public sector, or if you have an idea of which funding source you wish to apply to.

How Will Help?

With experience on the review and administration side of the RGF and ERDF funds, our team know exactly what makes a good grant or funding proposal. Our experts will source, devise, write, and then submit (depending on your needs) your funding proposal and manage the progress.

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